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Managing the monthly electric bill has always been an ongoing challenge. However, with the decline in fuel resources, concerns over Global Warming and spiralling costs, it is not only a financial necessity but also our corporate and personal responsibility to reduce energy wastage and kWh consumption. If these reasons were not enough, the present global economic situation has further increased the need for action now.

How do I reduce our energy costs?

This is often a difficult question to answer as there are many routes to a company operating more efficiently. It could be as simple as changing operational procedures, increasing staff awareness, limiting peak power demands or if commercially viable, installing energy-saving equipment.

However, it has been proven that by simply reducing/optimising the input voltage to a site or the installation of Power Factor Correction equipment, often in the past over-looked, can produce a significant reduction to the electric bill for many plants.

kVAr Engineering Services Limited are independent specialists with over thirty years experience in the field of Power Quality and Power Factor Correction who can provide a competitive and professional service to assist companies in this on-going challenge.

Power Factor

Power Factor is a measure of how efficiently a site is utilising the power supplied.

Power Quality

It is estimated that power quality problems cost industry and commerce in the EU about €10 billion per annum.